What are EDC Fidget Spinners and why are they so popular?


We live in fast paced times where we are constantly bombarded with information and stimulus.

Our mobile devices have become extensions of ourselves. Through them we can work, shop, communicate, share, schedule time and get entertainment. No wonder why the average person looks at their phone over 150 times per day! Would it be fair to call this cellphone obsession?

Thanks to the wonderful technology available to us today we can do so many things in one day but we struggle with focus and this leads to anxiety. We feel the need to be doing something, touching something, receive stimulus constantly.

Some experts debate on whether there’s a correlation between the use of technology and the rise of ADHD in children, but we all can agree that as a society we are more stressed and suffer from more anxiety than ever before. This is true for adults, teenagers and children. That’s why fidget spinners have been such blessing to many and their popularity is soaring; but what are these small colorful things?

Originally invented in the 90’s EDC Fidget Spinners have gained viral popularity in 2017. They are everyday carrying toys that help relieve stress, improve concentration in addition to providing tactile stimulation.

Both children and adults can use them and experience their benefits. The small devices help reduce cellphone addiction, nervousness, fidgeting and anxiety.

They are 100% mechanical and are propelled by hand. As the toy spins it helps users focus their sight and attention thus reducing excessive mind activity. The gentle vibration of the toy while spinning also provides tactile stimulation to the hands, which promotes relaxation.

Recommended as well for individuals with ADHD, or autism. The repetitive motion of spinning the toy with one hand while holding it with the other provides a relief mechanism for nervous energy and psychological stress.

They are great for long waits and commutes, wonderful gift to carry in a purse, backpack, or briefcase; or to keep at the office and at home.

The spinners found on this page are of great quality and we hope you enjoy our selection. If you have any questions of have experiences to share please send us a note we’d love to hear about you.